Geelong Interfaith Network

Our next monthly meeting is scheduled for Tuesday 9 November 2021 in the meeting room at the Belmont Library, High Street, Belmont at 5.30 pm. 

There is plenty of parking available adjacent to the library.
‘Signing in’ prior to the meeting is required in accordance with current COVID-19 protocols.

In the event of lock-down restrictions the meeting will be conducted online via ‘Zoom’. For more information please email us at       
or you can phone us on   0425  762  739.

Thank you

1. It is an opportunity for dialogue and understanding.   1. It is not an opportunity for religious argument.
2. It is a way of living with mutual respect and tolerance.   2. It is not an opportunity for conversion and proselytisation.
3. It is positive recognition of different faiths and traditions.   3. It is not a forum for exclusive religious claims.
4. It is celebration of the individuality and identity of each tradition.   4. It is not a compromise of any individual faith tradition.
5. It is a forum to help redress injustice due to racial prejudice, religious bigotry and intolerance of disadvantaged minorities.   5. It is not a jealous guarding of acquired or presumed rights and privileges
6. It is a partnership of many faith communities and the City of Greater Geelong.   6. It is not the creation of any particular faith community.

To create mutual understanding between member groups, and within the wider community to which our groups belong.

To encourage acceptance of all faith traditions as members of the Geelong Community through understanding and educating the wider Community about their traditions, beliefs and values.

In a spirit of justice, love and peace sharing our common humanity, expressing our diverse spirituality in our community.

We proudly support and are actively involved in celebrating our rich cultural and religious diversity through: 

  • Pako Festa
  • International Harmony Day
  • Symphony of Peace Prayers
  • Our proud association with Diversitat
  • We also support Aboriginal reconciliation through links to The One Fire Reconciliation Group.


Recognising the ancient spirituality of the First People of this land, the Wathaurong, we commit ourselves to develop a spirit of mutual respect, trust and understanding between the diverse faith communities and traditions in Geelong.

We recognise and acknowledge the common human dignity and equality of all in our community, always respecting the diversity of beliefs, background, and particular national customs and values.

We seek to encourage full participation in the whole life of the community of the City of Greater Geelong, and to celebrate the rich traditions and cultural heritage, of each faith group.

Together we offer to the City of Greater Geelong our common and united commitment to live and work together in peaceful co-operation for the well being of the whole community.


Ever since 9/11, Muslims have experienced and felt isolation and persecution in communities around Australia.  So on the eve of war in 2003, the late Monsignor James Murray had invited several representatives to pray for peace and understanding. Mayor Barbara Abley supported the initiative by allowing it to take place in the Geelong City Council offices.

After such a moving experience, a monthly meeting was organised and continues to today.

We continued there for about a year.  Our current meeting dates and venue are shown at the top of this page.

Activities since then have included:

Participation in the Pako Festival in Geelong West each year

An annual stall at the Pako Festival

Visits to each others’ faith venues

Voice of Interfaith on Pulse 94.7 FM (last Thursday of the month from 3 pm to 4 pm)

Geelong Interfaith Network joined in political and community leaders in the launch of the Multicultural Action Plan at the City of Greater Geelong council offices.

Faith Information

Faiths that regularly meet at the Geelong Interfaith Network include

“Peace! Shalom! Salaam Alaikum! Pray for Peace in the Middle East”

To support the Geelong Interfaith Network

If you wish to support the work and activities of the Geelong Interfaith Network donations can be made into the GIN bank account:

Account Name: Geelong Interfaith Network Inc.
Bendigo Bank
BSB: 633-000
Account Number: 1436  20136

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