The Geelong Interfaith Network welcomes you to these video presentations in which a panel of speakers from different faith communities explore and discuss current issues as they relate to their faith and their experience.

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Interfaith Dialogue No.1
‘Global Racial Discrimination and Prejudices’

Speakers from 6 faith communities tell of their faiths’ teachings about racism, and of their own personal experiences of racial prejudice.

This Interfaith Dialogue, the first in this series, was held online on 4 February 2021.

Interfaith Dialogue No. 2
‘Sacrifice and Service’

The place of sacrifice and service in the beliefs, rituals, lives and experiences of religious people. See and hear the views of speakers from different faith communities.

Interfaith Dialogue No. 2 was held online on 22 April 2021

Interfaith Dialogue No. 3
‘Spiritual Education of Children’

Spirituality ? Spiritual awareness and growth ? How do we teach our children about these matters ?  Those experienced in this subject, from different faith perspectives, participate in this dialogue.

Interfaith Dialogue No. 3 was held online on 22 June 2021.

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Interfaith Dialogue No. 4
‘Prayer and Meditation’

Practices and principles of prayer and meditation are shared by panelists from 6 different faith communities, followed by a question time from zoom participants.

Interfaith Dialogue No. 4 was held online on 24 August 2021.