Pako Fest – Saturday 29 February 2020

Geelong Interfaith members had a stall (a tent) at this year’s Pako Fest event in Geelong West to showcase the message of InterFaith

Left to right: David Butler (web master); Dr Farhang Afshar (Vice Chair); Tim Gibson (treasurer); Bhakta Dasa; Vanessa Woolley (Chair); Ian Parton (founding member); Randall Apps (Sec)

The paintings are all authentic and were on loan from Farhang. 

We had prepared 9 questions. We invited visitors to comment briefly on one or more questions, hence we asked,We Want Your Opinion

“We Want Your Opinion” was clearly displayed.

Answers to the questions were gathered on an Exercise ball. The response was so popular that we had to clear papers off the ball several times, only to be filled again soon afterwards. (Anne Parton is in the foreground)

In the afternoon Farzana Hussaini, the new Geelong Youth Council Mayor, visited our stall. )

Farzana Hussaini, Geelong Youth Council Mayor, visited our stall.

The Geelong Interfaith Network Choir performed on stage at Pako Festa for the first time.

Our last song included bagpipes.

Many thanks to Rebecca Hay for organising rehearsals, musical instruments, and songs. Thanks to many of the audience who also sang along with us. 
Thank you to all Geelong Interfaith members and all visitors for such an enjoyable day.